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Thank you for joining us for The Great Big Boo! 2022!

Vinnie the Vampire

The Scaredy Cat

Poor Vinnie is afraid of the dark, which can be a real problem for a vampire. Will he be able to fight his fears and overcome them?

Frankie the Lounge Singer

The Shy Guy

This shy monster dreams of being a Vegas lounge singer, but he has a bad case of stage fright. Will his dreams come true?

Cranium the Mad Scientist

The Master Potion Maker

As a master of mixing brews and magical potions, this mad scientist has a recipe for everything. But can he find the missing ingredient to save Halloween?

Wolfgang Werewolf

The Cool Rockstar

Because what’s a show without a rock star? This werewolf howls both at the full moon and on stage!

Wendella the Witch

The Spellmaker

This powerful witch can cast a spell that will stop all trick-or-treating in Boo Alley! What will happen to Halloween?


The Princess

It’s not easy being a princess – just ask Priscilla! Will she ever learn how to be the perfect princess?

Sammy Jo Scarecrow

The Friendly Storyteller

Our narrator and the friendly storyteller of the show!

Zoe & Justin

The Adventure Seekers

Two young friends in search of the best trick-or-treat experience Halloween has to offer! Will they be able to save Halloween from the witch’s spell?

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